Beautiful Beings – 003

#BeautifulBeings – 003

In the wake of such terrible disasters like this I never know what to say. I don’t have the energy to debate with people even though I have very strong opinions on the subject matter. I’d rather mourn in my own way. I want to tell people how ridiculous they are. Why can’t they see we’re together, connected, in this as one. When one hurts, we all hurt.

This image hit me hard so I wanted to add my touch to it. It represents strength, unity, being proud of who you are, not letting others make you feel uncomfortable in your own skin, standing tall, loving yourself and the people of your community, being who you are because it is who you are… acceptance.

To the fallen, we mourn for you even though many of us never meet you. We see your smiles, we will remember them. 49 died and millions more have in their own way. A piece of all of us is gone. You were all Beautiful Beings.

Beautiful Beings – 002

#BeautifulBeings – 002

For my second feature in the beautiful beings series, I’m doing an image of a Virunga Ranger. The rangers of Virunga National Park in Africa play a significant role in the protection of the Mountain Gorillas that live there. I’ve always had a close connection to gorillas but once I dove in a little deeper I was exposed to the Rangers and what they’re doing to help this amazing species. They are truly beautiful beings and are on the front lines of this ongoing battle. Some have lost their life and left wives and children behind.

The coverage/documentaries about these warriors are hard to watch. One minute you’re filled with hope and the next, super emotional due to all the violence and loss of life. I’m very hopeful that one day the wars will end, and they can begin to live in harmony but as of now the fight is far from over.

I encourage anyone who is interested in learning more about these incredible men to watch this documentary and visit their website. If you’d like to help the Fallen Ranger Fund is a great place to start. A little goes a long way.

Documentary: Here
Website: Here
Fallen Rangers Fund: Here

Beautiful Beings – 001

#BeautifulBeings – 001

I’m starting a new series of art pieces that are going to focus on people who are making significant changes around the world and standing up against the “norm”. I’m inspired by what they are doing and have strong feelings about these issues. I have a long list of people I what to highlight so this will be an ongoing thing that I’ll be doing when I have free time between projects.

Malala is a very inspiring person to the world as a whole. She is fighting for equal rights and for girls to be able to get an education. It’s crazy to think that so many places in the world still don’t allow girls the right to receive the same education as boys or one at all. Some have even been killed for trying to receive the education they so deserve. If you’d like to know more about her story, I’d suggest watching “He Named Me Malala”. Very inspiring and eye-opening documentary about her life and the life of many other young girls like her.

She is truly a beautiful being and deserves a beautiful depiction.