Beautiful Beings – 003

#BeautifulBeings – 003 In the wake of such terrible disasters like this I never know what to say. I don’t have the energy to debate with people even though I have very strong opinions on the subject matter. I’d rather mourn in my own way. I want to tell people how ridiculous they are. Why […]

Beautiful Beings – 002

#BeautifulBeings – 002 For my second feature in the beautiful beings series, I’m doing an image of a Virunga Ranger. The rangers of Virunga National Park in Africa play a significant role in the protection of the Mountain Gorillas that live there. I’ve always had a close connection to gorillas but once I dove in […]

Beautiful Beings – 001

#BeautifulBeings – 001 I’m starting a new series of art pieces that are going to focus on people who are making significant changes around the world and standing up against the “norm”. I’m inspired by what they are doing and have strong feelings about these issues. I have a long list of people I what […]