Beautiful Beings – 001

#BeautifulBeings – 001

I’m starting a new series of art pieces that are going to focus on people who are making significant changes around the world and standing up against the “norm”. I’m inspired by what they are doing and have strong feelings about these issues. I have a long list of people I what to highlight so this will be an ongoing thing that I’ll be doing when I have free time between projects.

Malala is a very inspiring person to the world as a whole. She is fighting for equal rights and for girls to be able to get an education. It’s crazy to think that so many places in the world still don’t allow girls the right to receive the same education as boys or one at all. Some have even been killed for trying to receive the education they so deserve. If you’d like to know more about her story, I’d suggest watching “He Named Me Malala”. Very inspiring and eye-opening documentary about her life and the life of many other young girls like her.

She is truly a beautiful being and deserves a beautiful depiction.

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