Beautiful Beings – 003

#BeautifulBeings – 003

In the wake of such terrible disasters like this I never know what to say. I don’t have the energy to debate with people even though I have very strong opinions on the subject matter. I’d rather mourn in my own way. I want to tell people how ridiculous they are. Why can’t they see we’re together, connected, in this as one. When one hurts, we all hurt.

This image hit me hard so I wanted to add my touch to it. It represents strength, unity, being proud of who you are, not letting others make you feel uncomfortable in your own skin, standing tall, loving yourself and the people of your community, being who you are because it is who you are… acceptance.

To the fallen, we mourn for you even though many of us never meet you. We see your smiles, we will remember them. 49 died and millions more have in their own way. A piece of all of us is gone. You were all Beautiful Beings.

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